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Why Choose StreamSB?

StreamSB offers you free unlimited storage space for all your media. We want to simplify the handling of your data for you. Our security standards ensure best possible security and confidentiality. Only you have access to your data and your StreamSB hard disk. We make sure that your data are available at any time.

Extensive statistics

We got you covered! See where your viewers are coming from. See if they use adblock. Improve your metrics based on that! Not interested in statistics and numbers? In case you want to do a product placement in one of your videos, your potential advertisers need to know all your statistics. StreamSB got you covered!


What upload methods are you supporting?
We offer many methods to upload your videos: transfer, torrent, ftp, api, webui...
Is any bandwidth limitations?
We do not restict bandwidth, you can have your video watched billion times without any issues, if you can.
Do you remove inactive videos?
No, we do not remove inactive videos, in fact we do not have "inactive" policy.
Which kind of files are allowed to upload?
All popular ones: mkv, wmv, avi, mp4, mpeg4, mpegps, flv, 3gp, webm, mov, mpg, m4v
Can i upload adult/porn videos?
As long as they are legal, and allowed by your local law, then feel free to upload them
What is the max file size?
The maximum file size is 10 GB free account and 20 GB premium account.